Ultrasound and CT guided Biopsy procedures


Your treating doctor can advise a Biopsy for any part of your body where you’re having a lump or a lesion which needs evaluation by pathology to check the nature of the lesion – whether it is cancer, infection or any other pathology. scan

The biopsy of any lesion which is not visible on surface has to be done under visualisation by ultrasound or CT depending upon the most feasible approach.

The biopsy can be done for Liver, Kidney, lungs, Lymph node, any other mass in abdomen or body, superficial tissue nodules, Breast etc.

Most of these biopsies are done under local anaesthesia which means that a numbing agent is given through an injection around the biopsy site.

Few of these biopsies may require one day admission or Day care admission due to the risks with the biopsies as in Lung and liver.

Few blood tests will be asked before the procedure and you might have to come fasting for 4-6 hours before the procedure.

You’ll be asked to come on the morning of the day of Biopsy and get admitted or under OPD as the case may be.

The procedure usually takes 30 minutes on table.

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