Non surgical and scarless removal of Fibroadenoma by VABB

(Vacuum assisted Breast Biopsy Device)

Breast fibroadenomas are a common cause of benign/non-cancerous palpable lumps in females, especially they are relatively more common in patients aged between 15 and 35 years.

They often present as painless mobile breast lumps which are discovered incidentally in the majority of cases by the patients themselves. They can also be discovered during investigations for other breast conditions or during routine screening imaging or examination. They may either remain static, continue to grow, or decrease in size.

For a long time treatment for this kind of tumor is open surgery. Some patients are worried about the tumor and also sometimes the lumps are growing and painful. Open surgery will leave a big scar and requires hospital admission and General anaesthesia.

In these cases non-surgical removal of these Fibroadenomas by vacuum-assisted biopsy device is a very good option because it is less painful, does not leave a big scar and multiple lumps could be removed at one time. Also, it is an outdoor procedure, requires no admission, and is done under local anaesthesia.

There are usually no significant complications of the procedure.
Dr. Parul Garg is a specialised Breast interventional radiologist, trained in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and has vast experience in Breast imaging and interventions. She provides scarless Fibroadenoma removal in Noida and Delhi NCR region.