Ultrasound guided Prostate Biopsy is done to check for the presence of any cancer cells in your prostate. It is done through Transrectal ultrasound which means that the probe and the needle are inserted through the rectum under ultrasound visualisation. The sample is then sent to pathology for examination under microscope.

Why is the Prostate Biopsy done?

The Biopsy test is recommended by your doctor for these reasons-

  1. If you’ve raised PSA- Prostate Specific antigen in your blood tests.
  2. If your doctor finds out a nodule or hardness in your prostate during digital rectal examination.
  3. If you’ve a strong family history of prostate cancer

How is the procedure done?

Before the procedure there is a small preparation which is given 2 days before the day of the procedure.

On the day of procedure you’ll be made to lie in left lateral position for ultrasound and procedure. A numbing agent will be given through an injection transrectally. The biopsy needle is inserted under Ultrasound visualisation and multiple samples – usually about 12 cores are taken from the different parts of the prostate gland.

After the procedure ?

After the procedure you’ll be under observation for about 4 hours for aby bleeding or pain. Medication will be given for pain which may persist after the procedure. Sometimes there can be blood in urine for a day or two.

When is the result available ?

The report of histopathology comes from Pathology department in about 4-5 days

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